Waste Management - have you received YOUR credits from February?

In case you didn’t see this on “Twain Harte and up Chitter Chatter” on FaceBook, posted by Jennifer N Sunshine 22 hrs ago:


Hey Guys, here’s some good news about Waste Management. We went to the BOS (Board of Supervisors) meeting 2 weeks ago and brought up the issue. Today, they discussed it and WM is in breach of contract and asked TC Deputy County Counsel to pursue this!!

If you don’t see your credits/refunds email Aniah Kirk in District 3. akirk@co.tuolumne.ca.us

“Aniah tried to introduce your letter, Jen, at the beginning of the Supervisor’s meeting today, but Rodefer cut him off. When the Waste Management item came up for discussion this was the result:

Carlyn Drivdahl, Deputy County Counsel, said the county was constrained by the franchise agreement they had signed with Sierra Disposal/Waste Management. The contract says if the road is unsafe they can’t provide service, however, the contract also says fees are based on the service provided. On that second point Drivdahl drafted a letter to Waste Management under the Supervisors’ signatures to say services hadn’t been provided so fees can’t be charged. Rodefer then said that Sierra Management/Waste Management knows where they have not provided service, so customers shouldn’t have to ask for refunds, they should not be charged in the first place. Noted also by Brennan was that there had been 30 minute wait times trying to contact SM/WM, and no refunds have been received. Rodefer says he considers Waste Management’s charging for no service a breach of contract and asked Drivdahl to pursue this aggressively. Brennan also asked staff to check with other mountain counties through joint associations like RCRC as to how they’ve handled this issue.”

— with David M. Badgley and Blythe Klipple.

I’m not sure how my name got to the bottom of the post but I’m glad it was so I got advice of Jennifer’s post.   I was at the BOS meeting several weeks ago with this topic and snowplowing.  We need to be persistent to get our voices heard.

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