Water Tank Update, July 15th

Today is Sunday.  The crew stopped work around 1 p.m. yesterday and have returned home (Santa Rosa area) until Wednesday.  They’ve been working six long days straight in mega hot conditions so a break is in order.

It’s a total echo chamber inside!



Ladder supports and extension for getting to the roof when necessary.


Current view of all three tanks. The new tank still has 2 more rows of panels to be installed. New tank is on left, oldest tank in center.

The progress on the construction of this new water tank for the Mi Wuk Height Mutual Water Company has been very interesting.  I never would have thought construction would be from the top down (with the help of seven hydraulic jacks) rather than bottom up. Now we look forward to a noise break for a few days.  Over and out on this topic for the next few days.

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