We Got Some Snow Wednesday Night

After several days of “wanna-be” snow which was mostly rain, we got a dumping last night here in Mi Wuk.

And here’s what we have to look forward to for the next few days:

Mi Wuk area weather, 12-15 January 2017

After a day, perhaps, of 90% chance of snow we’re due some sunny skies for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Woohoo.  We have family coming in from Pittsburgh PA later today so clear weather will be most welcome.

Remember, you can always check the current weather forecast by clicking on the Mi Wuk Area Weather Link on the sidebar.  I love that it’s geared exactly for our elevation.

Mi Wuk Area Weather LInk



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    Blythe- love the blog and local news. Thank you!

    Do you have information about the neighborhood streets snow plow service? How is it paid for, and who is the vendor? I’d like to know who to contact regarding plowing the east end of Muheli Road. The plow turns around 50 yards before the end of the street (where it becomes a county road). As a result our driveway remains cut off from the street, and to add insult to injury there’s a huge berm across the road.

    I’d also like to know the schedule and frequency if that information is available.

    1. Blythe

      David……I’m on it and will get back to you and the community a.s.a.p. ~Blythe

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    Hi Blythe,
    Our son and 3 of his friends drove up to our cabin Friday evening, they had intended to spend today snowboarding but spent most of the morning just trying to dig the car out! We are on Kutchi dr and he sent us pics of two trees that fell on our neighbors homes and power lines that snapped. Both homes have damage from the downed trees. I don’t believe either neighbor was home. The power is out of course and with the loose lines across the road it is quite dangerous ! Just wanted to let folks know, be careful driving on Kutchi!

    1. Blythe

      I’m sure PG&E deactived those power lines once they were aware of them!. Thanks for letting us know.

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