Weather's Coming! Please Read This Article for Valuable Tips!

Weather's Coming!  Please Read This Article for Valuable Tips!

After pretty much no seasonal weather in October and thus far in November, it’s seems we might get slammed Thanksgiving week.  The “YOUR 5-DAY WEATHER FORCAST AT A GLANCE” weather link on the sidebar has decided that it wants to share only Sacramento’s forecast so…’s your fix:

Click on the YOUR 5-DAY FORECAST AT A GLANCE link and, in the upper left corner, insert the 95346 zip code.  Or, better yet, try clicking on this one: YOUR 5-DAY FORECAST AT A GLANCE.  The updated website is still a work in progress and sometimes offers ‘fits’ rather than ‘perfection’.  My awesome guru is working on making it slicker but this fix works in the meantime!

Here’s what you can expect fort Tuesday-Wednesday:Wi Wuk area Weather Thanksgiving week

Please make sure you are prepared:

  • Stock up on basic supplies
  • Gas for your generator (for a ‘normal’ winter power outage rather than a PSPS)
  • Batteries for flashlights
  • Cars gassed up
  • Stack wood in handy place.
  • Check your propane level; 30% or lower–call your provider for a fill up.
  • Have winter clothing/gear ready
  • Be extra cautious when walking on ice

Please take a moment to check out the snow removal policy of Tuolumne County by clicking here.  There is more staff on hand than in previous years as well as some newer equipment.  A worst case scenario for community plowing is that there will only be one pass through the community.

One important item from the many items they go over in the Tuolumne County Policy:

Tuolumne Country Snow removal policy

Vehicles parked in the roadways or ‘close to the edge of the roadway’ are a large reason that roads are not able to be plowed!!!  (CHP is the department in charge of citations and towing.)


Do not dump your shoveled or plowed or “snow blowered” snow onto a freshly plowed road!!!


Click here for tips from FEMA.

Click here for tips from READY.GOV.

Click here for tips from the RED CROSS.

Click here for tips from the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Click here for tips from SIMPLE FAMILY PREPAREDNESS.

Click here for current road conditions for those roads shown below.




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  1. Avatar

    Does anyone know if the roads in Miwuk will be cleared today?

    1. Blythe

      My understanding, for what it’s worth, and according to the “county plan”, we should be plowed before the end of the day if not even much earlier. I don’t know what the snow level is but plows will start with the main roads at the lowest elevation and then work their way up the hill. According to a department spokesperson, they have more personnel and equipment this year so………we shall see. I going to shout out a positive YES our roads will be cleared today.

      If anyone hears anything concrete please post a comment or send me an email. ~Blythe

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