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I’m amazed and thrilled at the number of folks who have subscribed to received email notifications of new posts in recent days/weeks/months.  I’m so glad the blog is being useful to those near and far.

Any time you have questions just ask via the comment area or email blythek@mac.com and I’ll post an answer as soon as I find it!

If you haven’t subscribed to the email notification list, it’s in the upper right corner, just under Subscribe2.  I do not use your email for any kind of a solicitation list, nor would I ever consider selling it.  It’s purely for Mi Wuk Area News post notifications!

Again, welcome.  If you’re ever at a fund raising event at the fire station I’m usually there.  Someone will know where.  So please introduce yourself and say hi.

By the way, the annual fund raiser Spaghetti Dinner is Labor Day Weekend Saturday, September 3rd, 4-7 p.m. at the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Station on Hwy 108 in Sugar Pine. Come on out.  It’s the best sauce on the hill.  We’ll be selling sauce ($5/pint) to go while it lasts as well as serving a great dinner ($10 adults/$4).  Put it on your calendar!

You can always check out the local calendar of events by clicking on the calendar on the sidebar (to the right) or just clicking right here.

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    Very informative and thanks for your efforts. A neighbor recommended the site during a discussion re our dead trees in MiWuk. Looks like I’ll be catching up on the blogs concerning this topic.

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