What a Wonderful Spaghetti Dinner

As chairman of the Spaghetti Dinner, all I can do is smile and say THANK YOU to so many integral cogs in the wheel of success.

Thank you to the community for supporting our fire department in the way you do.

Photos coming soon.  They’re on someone else’s camera.

Thank you to the Fire Auxiliary Members:

Shirley, Gloria and Nancy prepare the garlic bread on Friday morning.
Auxiliary President Sherry Blake is doing something silly and Aileen is pouring salad dressing into 2 oz. containers on Saturday for the take out meals.
Auxiliary members getting the tables covered on Friday afternoon in preparation for taking them out to the bays early Saturday afternoon.


Thank you to the Bay 1 Chefs who prepared the sauce:

Russ Klipple, not in the photo, Mike, and Joe tend to the sauce. They start cooking at 6.30 a.m. Saturday and have the sauce ready for serving at 4 p.m. All those hours add up to a delicious sauce.

….64 pounds of regular and whole wheat pasta later, plus 4 pounds of gluten free penne pasta……. this was the remnants.

Thank you to part of the kitchen ‘committee’:

Cassandra, Cady and Cathy prepare the salad ‘parts’ Saturday afternoon.  Other integral participants were Chandra who spun lots and lots of washed lettuce and Nancy who cleaned and cut tomatoes.

Thank you to Peter and Danita Cover for their yearly donation of beyond-delicious heirloom tomatoes:

This is just a small portion of the flat of the Covers’ delicious colorful tomatoes.


Thank you to the fire fighters for all they do:

Captain Lafayette is schmoozing with Cyndi Kirk and three exchange students from Word of Life Fellowship.
Captain Chris Bandley, wife Heather and baby Jaxson had a good time schmoozing as well.
Miracle of the evening: Blythe & Russ Klipple show of their new little one, Jaxson. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us play the role for a short time.


Thank you to the Word of Life Fellowship for sharing some helpers to help us clean up at the end of the meal.

As exchange students, part of their requirement is to do some community service.  They were so helpful in helping to clean up at the conclusion of the dinner. Two adults also helped out at the end of a long day. Left to right, the exchange students are Aya from Turkmenistan, Magdi (Magdalena) from Poland and Heiri (rhymes with Heidi) from Cameroon.  They arrived is the U.S. only a few weeks ago.

A little geography lesson:

It truly does take a village to make a memorable event and this was indeed a memorable event.  Thank you to all of the more that 400 people who attended this year’s Spaghetti Dinner and contributed to the record breaking success.  Final fund raising totals will be available this coming week.

Again, thank you to all who made this such a successful event.  The many days of planning and organizing and and performing were totally worthwhile.



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