What Do You Know About the Mi Wuk Indian House Figures?

What Do You Know About the Mi Wuk Indian House Figures?

I have been asked to ask you all if you might have any information about the Mi Wuk Indian figures that began to appear on community cabins at least 35 years ago if not longer ago.  I’m thinking more like 55 years ago.  In talking to one of my reporters/informants it might be that Harry Hoefler, developer of Mi Wuk Village, gave a pair to each cabin purchaser in the early days of the development.  That information is unverified at this point.

Mi Wuk indian Christmas ornament figures
This pair are Christmas ornament figures that Russ made from clay about 10-15 years ago for family members and visitors to our cabin. One pair went to the Post Office for their Christmas tree — they were promptly stolen.  (Great compliment to Russ, the creator of the cute little figures.  The PO got another pair which have been kept behind the counter at Christmas time.)  They’re based on the cabin/house figures and were copies from a wooden set that we purchased at the Country Loft section of the Sugar Pine Hardware store in the late ’90s or early 2000s.   Our wooden ones still have the little price tags on the back.


Mi Wuk Wood Indian Figure/back side


I know that Margie Doe, whom I never met, was somewhat instrumental in their ‘growth’ for “newer” residents but I wasn’t a full-time resident, nor was I very active in the community as a homeowner, in those times.  It wasn’t till Russ and I moved in full time in 2003 that we got really involved in Mi Wuk life.

If you know any of the history of the larger cabin figures, please send an email to me, blythek@mac.com or Earleen Chinook, earlenechinnock@yahoo.com

The article will appear in an upcoming edition of the quarterly Smoke Signals put out by the Mi Wuk Area Homeowners Alliance.

Thanks for your help friends, neighbors and community.  🙂

No Fire Board Mtg 4-14-20

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