What NOT To Do When You See a Wasp's Nest

What NOT To Do When You See a Wasp's Nest

Ahhhhh, a lovely early morning walk along Lama Hisum, then down Olo Win Trail…………and “oh, look! It’s an exposed wasp nest on the side of the hill.  Wonder what exposed it?  A bear?  A raccoon?  A skunk?”  Ruger, the boxer who was walking with us (me and Gregory Oliver) gave the nest a brief examination, yelped and jump back. (I totally missed that sequence.)  With my iPhone camera always at the ready I decided to take a photo of the most interesting hole.  Bing. Bang. Boom.  Three quick bites/stings.  Yes I yelped, probably uttered something un-lady-like and moved back really fast.  Yikes!  Upper lip.  Left wrist and then right hand.  Almost simultaneously.  And then another bite in the upper chest–by a dastardly little creature that had got inside my shirt!

I did NOT get a photo of the nest, nor will I go back to get one.  I had taken an allergy pill before leaving home but it wasn’t helping me now.  But I did take a few ugly photos:

Wasp bite along Olo Win Trail
At the Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water District’s pump house creek—where I took a bit of mud from the bottom of the creek and placed it on the ‘hurting spot’. Definitely a photo I would only share with friends!  Hello.  🙂


Left wrist wasp sting.
My left wrist is pretty red and puffy but doesn’t hurt as much as you might think it would.


After a shower but before ice treatment. My gosh–I have wrinkles!


Moral of the story:  Admire a hillside exposed wasp nest from a distance.  Don’t worry about the darned photo!  (which I never did get).  After a bit of research I applied a baking soda paste to each of the three easily accessible stings and a chipped ice, cloth wrapped compress to my lip.  It’s still swollen almost an hour later.

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