When's the Last Time You Had Your Chimney Swept?

After talking about the need to have our chimney swept for the last few years (like 4-5) we finally had ours done on Thursday.  This is just part of the soot that was shaken down from ‘up above’, a pretty strong reminder of what hangs on the sides of the flue.

This is kind of hard to see in the photo above so let’s try this:

The chimney sweep had sucked up some of the soot in his vacuum and what’s left is about a 5″ high pile.  We’re feeling much more relaxed about having a flue fire now.  If it was in our budget we’d install more efficient fireplace set up but it’s not so we’ll just enjoy our good old pine, cedar and almond wood fires–when the colder weather sets in.

Bottom line, I’d sure recommend setting up an appointment with a local chimney sweep before “fireplace season” really kicks in.

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