Where are the Blue Jays?

Have you noticed a lack of blue jays this spring?  Or is it just our eastern corner of Mi Wuk Village that has no blue jays?

Steller's Jay of the Central Sierra

Usually, when we’re doing our spring raking the jays are here and there, pecking at the ground to see what we’ve uncovered.  We also usually have a nest on the rafters of our back deck.  And we can hear them screeching throughout our area during the day.  They actually kind of keep us company.

This year there’s nothing.  Could it be all the activity in the forest with trees being taken down?

I’ll be checking this out at the Mi Wok Ranger Station on Monday and hopefully have some sort of an answer.

Addendum Monday evening:  Stellar Jays are a.w.o.l. at my house, not Blue Jays.  And Vicki has Jays galore on Lama Teumete so?????  Must be our 2.5 year old cats that are scaring them away.  I didn’t know that was possible.

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