Wildland Fire on Muheli Road in Mi Wuk Controlled Quickly

The Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District responded to a wildland fire reported at 3:00 am, May 31, 2016 on Muheli Road in Mi Wuk Village.

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MWSPFPD resources were first on scene and took immediate action to prevent the fire from spreading.

The 1/10th acre fire was limited to heavily forested land yet in proximity of dwellings.

This early morning, hot burning fire, is a reminder of how potentially devastating the upcoming fire season may be.

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    Scary! Thanks to all the MWSPFPD firefighters for all you do!!!

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    Where on Muheli was the fire? In Mi Wuk or toward Sierra Village. Unclear in article on location.

    1. Blythe

      Michael and Jon, from reading the press release I’m thinking it was at the end of Muheli where it goes into the forest, not where the homes are. I’ll drive in there tomorrow morning or stop by the fire station to get a more exact location. (I’m out of town today/tonight.) Good questions!

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