Will Snow Fall on the Dogwood Blossoms Tonight?

Lore has it that when snow falls on the Dogwood Blossom, winter will be over, no more snow and we can move on into spring and summer.  I saw some dogwood blossoms on Kome the other day.  It’s 37° at my house right now, was 35 ° earlier this evening and there should be more rain tonight.  What do you think!?

Dogwood blossom

7:30 p.m., Friday, 2016:

Hail oh Hail on the deck


The Mi-Wuk Indian’s have a saying,  “Winter isn’t over until it snows on the dogwoods.”

Check out these two articles, May 25, 2012 and May 26, 2012, from ‘my’ original Mi Wuk Blog.  They’re pretty funny considering the awesome weather we had earlier this week followed by the hail we just had.

We’ll see what tomorrow morning brings…..

Blythe's spring signatureor should it be………..

Blythe's snow signature


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