Win-Win Fire Hydrant "Dig Out"

Thanks to Chief Steve McClintock from the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District and Chief Josh White from CalFire, Mi Wuk and Sugar Pine fire hydrants, buried by the recent snow falls, will be dug out by Base Line crews.

When you see several orange suited, shovel carrying men accompanied by a bright yellow/green clad escort from CalFire you can know that they are on a search and rescue mission to dig out our fire hydrants.

As Russ and I returned from an excursion to Sonora around 2:30 this afternoon we encountered three hydrant teams.  We gave them a thumbs up, a smile and a thank you and I hope that you do the same when you see them.

If you see the crews in your neighborhood don’t be alarmed and let them do their job without questions to any of the inmates. For questions or concerns contact Fire Chief Steve McClintock 209-586-5256.  Once again thank you Chief Josh White.

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