Working on Changes for our Site and Helicopters

Long time, or short time, readers might be noticing a few changes on our Mi Wuk Area News blog posts these past few days. Bottom line: we are updating the format and style and ease of usage. Navigation will be easier. The site will be cleaner. Just lots of all ’round improvements.

Right now this is post is pretty much a test on my side to see how this particular post looks. And you might not see any change at all yet.

Here is a piece of information though….. Do you remember all those helicopters on Sunday? The ones that made you stop what you were doing, wonder if there was a fire in the area?

Well–it was PG&E doing a photographic inspection of its power lines in the area (Long Barn, Mi Wuk, Twain Harte among others) as part of the Wildfire Safety Program. I wish we knew ahead of time that they would be flying, making noise and making us nervous. You could see a large camera on the ‘nose’ of the helicopter. But, now they are gone, we know why they were in the area and hopefully the information gained will be to our benefit.

I’ll let you know when all changes in the new blog format are complete. Huge thank you to a currently anonymous benefactor for taking our blog under his wings and giving it a much needed upgrade.

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